B8: Artist Gallery Story

Artist name: Taliin Tanelian

Program: Master’s in Art and Illustration: Animation

Exhibition Name: Jinja

Media: Digital, Photoshop

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

Website: tabbytoons.com

Instagram: tabbytoons

Art by Taliin Tanelian

Once upon a time, there was a small black fox who lived among a village of bears. When he was a small pup, he was taken in by two brown bears. The two brown bears took the black fox as one of their own and raised him along with their cubs. Although the fox had no recollection of his own parents or family, he lived happily with this family of bears.

As the fox grew up, he began noticing many differences between his family and himself. Blake noticed that he was not as strong as his family members. He also noticed that he was not as big or as wide as him.

When a villager came of age, they would find a role in the village, whether it was being a fisher, a hunter, or a builder. Because the small fox did not have have the same qualities as the other bear villagers, he could not participate in many of the activities that the bears partook in like discus throwing or wrestling.

One day, the fox decided to leave the village, feeling he had nothing to return to the bear village. The fox had wandered for a long, long time. Since the fox was on his own, he had to learn to survive by himself. Although he could not lift heavy objects, he could find a way around them. Although he could not reach the branches on his feet, he could climb the tree rather quickly. Although he could not fight off large predators head on, he could outrun them or outsmart them. During his travels, the fox found many mysterious places, many scary places, and many peaceful places.

Soon, the fox stopped thinking about the weaknesses he had and focused on the strengths he had. One day, when it started raining, the fox entered what seemed to be an empty cave. Inside the cave, the fox found an orb of light. The fox decided to follow this bright light and chased it. The orb led the fox back to the village, which was currently experiencing a flood.

The fox ran back to the village and his family as fast as his legs would go. The fox put his adopted bear family on a raft along with some other bear villagers that he could fit. One all the villagers were on a boat or raft, the fox led the bears to another location to live in since the last location was destroyed by the flood. The bear villagers were forever thankful for the fox and the fox found a role for himself, a navigator.

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