B3: Finger Painting

My experience finger painting was a little more difficult because it was weird trying to come up with a picture that is not concrete. However, it was still fun playing around with paint and not using a brush. I found this experience very frustrating because it looked like a mess to me and I had to keep going or else I would have to buy more paint. I think my painting doesn’t look as good as the other paintings I saw because I don’t have a lot of experience with paint and it kept mixing together.

B2: Design Thinking

My first career choice is being a Professor. First, I’m going to complete a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. While I’m completing my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, I will do research along with my studies in my second or third year. After I have finished my Master’s degree, I will begin pursuing a Doctorate’s degree so I can obtain a PhD in Mathematics. Then, I will start applying to teach at a college or university and possibly settle down. From a scale of 1 to 10, my satisfaction level for this plan is about an 8, my confidence level is about 7, impact level is 6, and resource level is 9.

My second career choice is being an actuary. If I don’t become satisfied with being a professor or I don’t complete my Master’s or Doctorate’s degree, I can aim to be an actuary, since it is also Math related. While I’m studying in Long Beach State University in my third or fourth year, I can apply for a paid internship at a company to get job experience while taking classes. I will also have to start studying business along with Mathematics. Then, with job experience and a Bachelor’s degree under my belt, I can start applying for a job opening at a company and possibly settle down. From a scale of 1 to 10, my confidence level is 9, my resources level is 8, my impact level is 6, and my satisfaction level is 7.

My third career choice is a secretary. If jobs in the field of Mathematics suddenly disappear or become scarcely available, I can switch my major to Business or Economics to increase my chances of landing a job while I’m here at CSULB and take a few extra years while living at my parents’ house. While I’m studying to get a Bachelor’s degree, I will apply for an internship so I can have some job experience while I’m taking classes or over the summer. After I have finished my studies, I can start applying for jobs as a Secretary with job experience under my belt, and if I save enough money, I can find a place to live and possibly settle down. From a scale of 1 to 10, my confidence level is 5, my resources level is 6, my impact level is 5, and my satisfaction level is 7.

B1: Plaster Casting

Pasting Casting was fun. However, instead of using sand, I used clay and wore a glove because I didn’t feel like getting my hands too dirty. I have done ceramics in the past which is somewhat similar to this activity. I don’t know any ways I can apply this to my life because all I did was put some mix into a mold and waited for twenty minutes. I would like to try some painting and decorating next time.