C1: Art and My Life

Art is a way for people to express their ideas and views. Art can come in many forms: sculptures, paintings, dance, music, etc. For me, I believe that art isn’t limited to the visual and performing arts, but it can be found in what may seem to be boring things, like math, politics, and science. At first, I saw art as something that people can enjoy in their free time rather than something that can be meaningful. After this semester, I can see that there is more value in art than enjoyment, but rather another outlet of sharing ideas and communicating with others.

As a child who grew up in a family that valued academics, I did not spend a lot of time indulging in visual and performing arts. Even though I developed a hobby for drawing, I would not consider making drawing my job. However, even though my family did value academics, we still indulged ourselves in books and literature like “Harry Potter” and “Percy Jackson”. No matter how much you want to avoid art, there’s no way to not be exposed to it in one way or another. For many people, their exposure to art mainly comes from school or simply walking through a city with man-made sculptures with intricate systems built into it to make it function. The type of art I like to surround myself with is anime and music. I like the aesthetics of anime and the themes that it can explore. In terms of music, I think I like songs that have some structure but are not terribly repetitive.

Going to the SOA Galleries, I think my perspective of art changed. Some of these artists’ perspectives were interesting. Many of the artists I talked to used their exhibits to share their experiences or make a statement. Because of these experiences and conversations, my perspective of art has changed. It taught me that communication doesn’t have to be oral, but it can come in many forms, art being one of them.

Overall, I believe that art is a way of communicating, but whether people can appreciate different types of art or not is up to personal preference. While this class has enlightened me, I cannot say that I appreciate art leaps and bounds than how much I appreciated it before. Needless to say, I believe that art should not be taken for granted and should be given more thought from the public.

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